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What We Know About the Inauguration and Joe Biden's First Day
President-elect Joe Biden's inaugural plans have been reshaped by Covid and concerns over security after the Capitol riot. Biden is slated to enact a diverse array of policies by way of executive action on his first day as president. Tamara Keith, Ayesha Roscoe, and Carrie Johnson discuss it all...
Manchin: Removing Hawley, Cruz From Senate "Should Be A Consideration"
"These people should be held accountable, because it's sedition."
Bombshell Revelations as Trump Declassifies All FBI Documents in Russia Probe
A bombshell revelation in the remaining FBI documents on Russia collusion shows that the entire narrative was created and leaked to the news media to neutralize Hillary Clinton’s concern that her email scandal hadn’t gone away. John Solomon has all the details on John Solomon Reports.
Biden to Republicans That Did Not Wear A Mask During Capitol Riot: "What The Hell Is The Matter With You?"
President-elect Joe Biden on Friday admonished Republican members of Congress that did not wear a mask during the Capitol building riot on January 6th. At a COVID press conference today, Biden said it was "shocking" to see Congressmembers "refusing" to wear a mask while under siege by a "deadly mob...
Tucker Carlson: National Crisis And The Coming Crackdown
TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Last week's deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol was not an act of racism, nor was it an insurrection. It was not an armed invasion by a brigade of dangerous White supremacists. Those are lies. Why are they demanding that you believe those lies? When your doctor claims that...
Chris Hayes: If Republicans Really Want To Unify This Country, They Must Admit Election Was Not Stolen
“If people like Jim Jordan really want to help, they can go on Fox News and tell people there was no election fraud, that this was a free and fair vote. And their side lost,” says Chris Hayes.
Laura Ingraham: The Cowardice Of Never Trump Republicans, Still Obsessed With The Man They Hate
Laura Ingraham sounds off on National Review's Rich Lowry and other GOP establishment figures celebrating the end of President Donald Trump's presidency.
Pelosi: Members of Congress Should Face Prosecution If They Were Accomplices To Insurrection
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that if members of Congress were found to have been accomplices to the attack on the U.S. Capitol, they should be prosecuted. "When we're talking about security, we have to talk about truth and trust," Pelosi said. "In order to serve here with each...
Former DHS Chief Chad Wolf: Biden's Team Has Made "Concerning" Remarks About National Sovereignty
CHAD WOLF, FMR. DHS SECRETARY: I think certainly the president's words matter, and I think I've said that publicly on several occasions now. But obviously the individuals that stormed the Capitol, the rioters, the criminals that did that obviously have a lot of blame for their actions themselves...
Wray: FBI Seeing "An Extensive Amount Of Concerning Online Chatter" About Inauguration Violence
FBI Director Christopher Wray said Thursday the bureau is tracking an "extensive amount of concerning online chatter," including calls for armed protests leading up to next week's presidential inauguration. "We are seeing an extensive amount of concerning online chatter, I guess that's the best...
Biden: We Will Finish The Job Of Sending A Total Of $2,000 To Americans
"The $600 already appropriated is simply not enough."
Comey: Biden Should "Consider" Pardoning Trump "As Part Of Healing The Country"
Former FBI Director James Comey tells the BBC that Biden should "consider" pardoning Trump. In the interview, Comey said "If [Donald Trump] accepts the pardon that is admission of guilt as the United States Supreme Court has said. So I don’t know if he would accept a pardon, but as part of...
Mollie Hemingway: This Is "Not A Very Serious Impeachment Effort"
FOX News contributor Mollie Hemingway discussed the recent impeachment of Donald Trump and recent political violence over the past year. HEMINGWAY: This is not a very serious impeachment effort, Donald Trump just met a bar that few other people have been able to meet this last week which is...
The Storming Of The Capitol On Television News: Was It A "Protest," "Riot" Or "Treason?"
How did television news cover the storming of the US Capitol? The graph below uses data from the Internet Archive's Television News Archive to count how many seconds of airtime Jan. 6-7 the onscreen text of BBC News London, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News contained the words sedition, insurrection, coup,...
John Solomon: Capitol Riot Was A "Planned Attack," Can't Blame Trump; What Did Pelosi and McConnell Know?
Investigative journalist John Solomon said the D.C. Metropolitan police has denied his news company's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see the department's investigation into the Capitol Hill riot. In an interview with "Real America's Voice" host Eric Greitens on Wednesday, Solomon said...
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